Is Food really Art?

Food and Art, the two kind of go together hand in hand I guess that’s truly how I got shuffled into the whole culinary food scene. When I was younger I wanted so bad to be an illustrator it wasn’t until that dream was crushed by my childhood friend Jeff who explained to me that that field was dead due to the invention of the camera; my passions of a professional career were suppressed for many years after that.
Later by the grace of God I started to realize that I did indeed want to be a chef. My passions were in cooking and that the plate was and still is my canvas. My food, my view of what cuisine is to me has changed or rather evolved but I press forward every day I push myself and the day when I stop or start believing critics and cronies alike……I’m afraid will never come.

This is my take on the classic Cosmopolitan still sexy after two years

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