Chocolate and Water

I can remember in school taking pastry class and making big bowls of ganache (with absolutely no purpose at all) and the instructor telling us to make sure that no water what so ever hits the inside of the stainless bowl or all will be loss and once again Herve This has shown us a that is simply not true Watch and enjoy as a considerably younger version of Heston Blumenthal illustrates this point via video


We heed more Cow Bell

Years ago local restaurateur Peter Ryan and Master chef Detlev Kreiner (aka Chef Ted) had a thriving restaurant named Nicole's in Vermont circa 1986 that seemed to have the beat of the nation down as far as foodies were concerned and anybody who has had the pleasure to work with chef Ted would see how that is possible as he is very charismatic as well as talented not to mention Peter's unprecedented ability to give inspiration as well as motivational speeches.

(can you find them in this photograph?)
I often wonder why we can't have a Nicole's and are we that biologically attached to the infamous fried seafood platter that we can't attract a better class of restaurant to the Myrtle Beach area or at least think outside of a monkey dish.