Eataly, NYC

The best way I could ever describe Eataly would be as a Three ring circus of food complete with clowns, coffee, confections and dinner throw in some sideshow freaks and fluff and Viola you have it. Ol did I mention Confections enough to send a Diabetic into a coma!!!

One of the more educational and fun stations at Eataly is the Mozzarella Station which always seemed to attract a handful of on lookers

Ol those Italians and there meats

The array of cured salami was absolutely mindboggling

The Bastianich family and Mario Batali have a lockdown on Italian in New York similar to what GM had with cars in the seventies. Hand Crafted Gelato very tasty I had a Banana Scraccadella Sorbeto not much to look at but so smooth in texture one could forget it was sorbet at all.. The only real question was at this point was who is Luca Montersino?

Aaahhh Dessert

The one reoccurring theme I noticed was that a larger amount or dessert offerings were sugar free and gluten free and don’t let the close up pictures fool you it’s all about portion control

I counted three different silicon molds and two different plastic serving vessels used to create this vast display of confections

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