Things to put in your mouth???

Flavours that pair well together and seem to chemically match are commonly referred to as Ketones or molecules that have a special carbon oxygen bond together. They have to have a certain order activity value or O.A.V.. These were first brought to light by perfume companies trying to find scents and taste that would match. I did some poking around and came up with a list written by Heston Blumenthal on egullet in 02"

Strawberry and coriander
Snails and Beetroot
Chocolate and pink peppercorn
Carrot and violet
Carrot and coriander
Mango and violet
Pineapple and blue cheese
Caraway and lavender are surprisingly interchangeable
Cauliflower (caramelized) and cocoa
Liver and Jasmine
Banana and parsley
Harissa (chili paste) and dried apricot
Chocolate and Parmesan

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