Summer Flavors Revisited

What would entice you more; the finest sturgeon caviar or something that you have never had before? That was the question I asked my guest this weekend, not to be up tight or overbearing but you could have had the finest caviar; and would ask yourself, was it refreshing? Did it complement the dish? DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I love Caviar of all kinds the pop,refreshing squirts of flavor...yum I just wanted summer flavors and refreshing memories of the 4th of July. What hot summer day in July could be more complete without watermelon the southern Gastronomic Crown and a none more fitting pairing of that than that of fresh blue-fin crab salad with watermelon caviar and smoked tomato aioli every flavor of the summer southern low country is represented here . Personally, I think this dish was so very successful in so many ways. Once again this was a good step forward in progressive Spherification and regional cuisine fusion.

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