I know sometimes I tend to go on about Hydrocollids, but this one I really find note worthy. It seems at work we've been having an issue keeping our dressings emulsified together perhaps the hand mix doesn't have enough torque I'm not sure but the servers pre-portion them into ramekins before service and that's where the real trouble starts. To get them to take a whisk and evenly distribute the sauce before portioning is apparently much greater a strain than they can bear.

This is where the fun starts, If you take a standard Vinaigrette and mix 1.5 tsp of FOOD GRADE(I can not stress that enough, I don't understand people that buy chemicals from Dow and such)Xantham Gum per Gallon of Vinaigrette just use a stick mixer for about 2-3 minutes

Xatham Dressing is on the right, regular is on the left

You will find you have and evenly distributed emulsified dressing as shown here with our illustrious Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette. Which the continual breakage has been a thorn in my side until now

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