What is a Chef ?

Somebody once said; Invite two chefs and you will have a argument, invite three chefs and you will have a war! I guess that's true to an extent, "Two many cooks do spoil the soup." However the flip side of the coin if you are abusing your position to stroke your ego instead of conveying your vision than you probably need to practice your craft a little more.

a chef is nothing more than a really good manager that can cook. Be above reproach and never lie,It is a very big pie and as chef it is your duty to offer everybody a slice. Ask yourself this, Are you developing your people or training new staff? That should send a red flag if you are doing more of the latter.The old autocratic management style is dead, we can do far more damage in greater numbers than by ourselves and always remember a kind word will go much farther than a few pieces of coin ever will.

Try to think in these terms if you gain a persons respect you have they're heart and soul which in turn is all any cook ever wants in the food and take a second to ask this question Am I pushing myself or just pushing people? Put that into your soup and give it a stir sometime.

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