The Physiology of Taste

For those who do not know Brillat Savrin he was born in France around 1755, With the outbreak of the french revolution he fled to other parts of Europe and America. His science of food and Gourmand taste were far surpassed his time. he is credited with establishing Umami way before the Japanese along with starting stock with cold water slowly on a slow heat to extract the essence better. Along with these great discovery's came his meditations his most famous appearing at the beginning of Iron Chef. Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are..I would like to share some of his lesser known Aphorisms with you.

-The table is the only place where the first hour is never dull.
-The most indispensable quality in a cook is punctuality;it is also that of a guest.
-Dessert without cheese is like a pretty woman with one eye.
-The fate of the nations depends on the way they eat.

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